P. Stephen Headley, "Liturgically Mediated Plurality"

Nous vous proposons, dans la rubrique "Téléchargements", le texte de la conférence donnée en anglais par le père Stephen Headley à l'Université orthodoxe Saint-Tikhon de Moscou en novembre 2010.

Résumé: How is plurality mediated in Christian worship? There is a comparative dimension to this question. In the rituals of traditional societies custom is plurality; human diversity is invariably inscribed into a totality, a whole society through their cosmologies. The cosmos creates correspondences delineating a holism between the human and a “socialized” cosmos. Man’s anthropology, his place in society, was defined by his place in that cosmic morphology. In the so-called “modern” world where the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts, to simplify crudely, plurality becomes an ersatz for the whole. The Christian experience of the recapitulation in Christ, of salvation, entails a third and different experience of diversity. Beyond political morphology with its non-totalizing integration secularized modernity is articulated as if to integrate diversity around individualism while Christian experience of its own proper createdness leads on to the level of transcendence. To say the least, the co-existence of two opposing understandings of personhood, individual univocal ontologies on the one hand and, on the other, being through communion, is problematic.

The article can be downloaded following this link.

Samedi 1 Janvier 2011
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